Paved Driveway Preference for Appearance and Lifespan

Driveways can be of several types. The difference is made mainly by the material used and the look and design that come out of it due to the use of different materials. Also, the difference is hugely made by the durability of the different types.

Driveway paving in Braintree is a common sight with several types of design and construction pattern available. Let us enlist some of the common and most popular paved driveways types as per the materials used and maintenance needed.

• Asphalt Paved Driveways: Among the most popular and most sighted ones, asphalt driveways are best for parking your vehicles. Requires periodic maintenance as this type of driveways needs resealing over a long period of time. If installed properly, the durability can be extended for long.

• Poured Concrete Driveways: This low-maintenance driveway is among the most preferred at several places as they can last for decades without getting decayed. The cost of this driveway is expectedly high. Concrete is poured in definite patterns and sections which allows concrete to expand or contract.

Driveway Paving Braintree

• Stamped Concrete Driveways: These are created by pressing molds into the concrete while the latter is yet to settle. Used on driveways, patios, roads and interior floors, stamped driveways give an expression of multiple construction materials used such as stone, brick and others.

• Interlocking Pavers: As the name suggests, interlocking pavers are shaped in such a way that they can be interlocked with other pavers of the same type. These are made of cement over a solid base to prevent from shifting and creating gaps.

• Chip sealed Driveways: An affordable alternative for asphalt driveways is made with a gravel base over which hot tar is poured followed by stones on top. The surface is pressed with roller equipment.

• Exposed Aggregate: This can last for almost a decade without needing much maintenance. Special concrete mixes are used which gives a unique look on the surface.

Heal Paving & Sealing provides all kind of services related to pavements and driveways all over south Boston that includes driveway paving Braintree. Been into service for more than 50 years, they are among the top service providers in their competition. Contact them for a free quote and inspection.


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